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How ‘Dead Poets Society’ Resonated with My Journey

Posted on 5 min read 5054 views
First time watching ‘Dead Poets Society,’ and I’m grateful our professor recommended it. Hits close to home since I’m a poet too. Literature has always been my way of expressing myself, from teenage days to feeling down, in love, or excited about chasing dreams. In this blog, we’ll explore the different things we see and feel in this amazing film.


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How I learned Authentic Japanese food Cooking?

Posted on 1 min read 5291 views
A couple of years ago, I got so exhausted with work and business. Ramen became my comfort food in times of Quarter Life crisis, burnouts and chaos. And if Someday, I would be speaking in front of many people about my Story or Success, probably I’ll never forget to thank “Ramen” for saving me on tough days.  Ramen never let me down! (ha-ha) 


Finding your North Star

Posted on 3 min read 6028 views
So I’ve been sitting in a computer desk most of my life trying to follow the path everyone else has wanted for me that I’m unaware of. To finish a degree, be a professional, get a stable job in a promising company, help parents,save money, get married, and have kids. But, why do I feel as though I am meant to do something bigger on this planet?


Guide to a Perfect Tagaytay Getaway

Posted on 4 min read 3761 views
When it seems that you’re carrying the weight of the world, when the stresses of life bombard your schedule, when you run out of inspiration from hustling in your corporate job, when you start asking yourself if it’s still worth your sweat and tears – take a deep breath, pack some of your things and be ready to recharge your soul this weekend.


A Taste of Paris, France

Posted on 2 min read 4467 views
Warm Welcome to my Blog! I’m the writer behind this page. I am a passionate, goal focused, and hard working kind of gal. To me, life is meant to live and enjoy. Not a journey that you need to figure out all the time. It’s okay to have a goal and it’s okay as well to be floating around accidental-like on a breeze. The most important thing is you are HAPPY. In my personal life, I love tech so much, to travel a lot, to laugh with friends, to eat Japanese cuisines, help people, be in nature, sing loudly in karaoke, and do anything productive and active! If you ever need someone to talk to, just know you’ve landed a friend here, on this website!


How Travel Makes You More Attractive

Posted on Location: 3 min read 20147 views
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