The Power of a Mother’s Love

It’s okay to go back to your mom’s healing embrace and care even if you have your own life already. 

February 2018 I was diagnosed with Thyroiditis and Hyperthyroidism. My mom rushed quickly into my apartment in Manila, found me bedridden and sick. From 49 kls down to 43 kls., eyes were puffing because I can’t even swallow food and drink water anymore. I was sleep deprived too for a week already due to severe inflammation.

When I saw her, I just cried like a baby and she hugged me tight saying that I should quit my corporate job, get admitted in a hospital for treatment and go back to the province already. 

It was almost a year of same drills everyday battling with those illnesses. Mom was always by my side going in and out of the hospital to undergo different lab tests, check ups, and treatment. it’s an unending loop that time that I felt like dying. I was really tired and traumatized by big needles and doses of strong antibiotics already. 

I guess when you’re at the lowest point of your life, all you have is yourself, God, Family and hope.

The material possesions and sucesss you had achieved are totally useless. Those can’t even wipe away your tears and pain.

There’s also this constant feeling of fear that I’m going to die soon  without achieving my goals, spending more time with my family, pursuing the things I love, or meeting the “one” resulted to anxiety and depression.

Fast forward.  my mom never got tired of sparkling me hope that I’ll be healed and live a normal life again as my condition had no immediate cure that time.

“Trust the process. What is happening is just temporary”, she uttered. 

I took my mind off of my illness, spent more time with my family, and got back on track on my walk with God.

I strived to finish my medical treatments and Physical Therapy until I fully recovered, and switched to a healthier lifestyle.

I tried new hobbies like gardening and cycling which had helped my get out of depression and anxiety.

Waking up after a  long illness and realizing it was caused by self-abuse,  truly a life -changing experience.

A corporate job may give you income, friends may share crazy moments with you, success will surely make you feel fulfilled, a luxurious hotel or travel may give you comfort, a lover may give you passionate love, but a mom’s presence in our life, her genuine care, her endearing love… is beyond


Happy Mother’s day to my strong rocking and beautiful Mama..

Thank you so much for raising me as a strong, independent and empowered woman like you.

We love you.

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  • Banj
    May 10, 2020

    Awww. Thanks for sharing the love your mom has given you! 😊 We’re truly blessed to have caring mothers.

    • carine
      May 11, 2020

      Thank you so much Banjz for dropping by and reading my blog. Yes, I strongly agree with you, we are lucky having them in our life. Wish your mom a happy mother’s day too!

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The Power of a Mother’s Love