Calaguas Island: Secluded Paradise of Camarines Norte

CALAGUAS ISLAND: Your Next Travel Goal After Quarantine Period

There is one thing most people miss during this quarantine period. For a long
of time now, most people are confined into the walls of their home unable to freely do
what they normally do. If you would ask them, what will you do once situation ceases
or if the situation comes back to normal? People will answer, “Definitely TRAVEL!”
Ever since, travelling has been my escape from stress and toxic elements of
of the world, it keeps my sanity intact. It helps me breathe, feel relaxed and just
meditate. For me, travelling every once in a while, is a must for a healthier me. I still
remember one time when I was so busy at work catching up deadlines and the
pressure is at its finest. I promised myself, as soon as I submit this project, I will
definitely go for a much-needed break.

Since I only have few days of break, my vacation need not to be very
glamorous or very far away. It just needs to be peaceful; the place just needs to be
serene and it needs to be really relaxing. I just imagine myself, sitting or lying the
whole afternoon under the sun as I recharge my energy for a more challenging
weeks and months to come. I did some research about being in a place where all I
can see is white sand beach and clear horizon.

What type of vacation could it be? With that considerations in my head, I think
the best vacation would be in a nice, cozy, and relaxing white sand beach. One place
to go is to the CALAGUAS ISLANDS of Luzon.


Reading through some articles and watching some vlogs about it, people
claim that it is one of the best white sand beaches not only in Luzon but one of the
best in the entire Philippines. There is only one way to find out! Why not plan a trip
right away so I called my friends and we booked our white sand beach escapade.
Will this be a vacation to remember? The rates were very reasonable for just
Php 2,799.00 each (4 persons above) or up to Php 3,199.00 for solo package, you
will get to experience a Calaguas Islands’ white sand beach package. Good deal,
We arrived Camarines Norte at around 5:30am. Upon arrival, we had our
breakfast in a small karinderya type store (not included in the package, but since
food was very nice, it was worth it). How great it is to be welcomed in this paradise by
a hearty meal. After our breakfast, we rode a motor banca to bring us to the
Calaguas Island, I can’t help it I get more and more excited this time. The boat ride of
what seems to be an endless ocean took about an hour and a half to almost two
hours. At around 9:30 am we started seeing the Island from a far, we started to see
the shoreline.
The moment of truth has arrived! Even from a far you will definitely see that
beautiful white sand beach of Calaguas Island. The water is so clear and pristine.
The color tones are really beautiful and nice, blue for the sky, blends well for the
green trees, white sand and clear ocean. For me, it was so painting type I will not
forget that image. As we approach the shore, I noticed the quality of the white sand
beach. Unlike other white sand beaches, I have seen, the sand here is very fine and
it is really white. So far, it was beyond what I expected.

Since it is still morning, the sun is not yet too hot, after we arranged our
things, we took time to walk around and sit on the sand. Indeed, a place to relax. The
scenery is so picture perfect, we were able to take good photos (no filter needed, by
the way).
The package includes Lunch meal, it was simple, but it was really good, you
don’t get to choose but they know exactly what to offer to the travelers. After lunch
time I was able to take that rest I have ever wanted. The sand in my toes are good to
feel, the weather is not too hot it is just perfect, sitting under the tree watching as the
ocean reaches the shore is just perfect as well. Staring it for hours will be very easy.
It gives meditation feels, it somehow relaxes my soul.
My original plan was just to take a rest lay down the whole day and feel the
ocean breeze, but since the package includes a lot of activities, might as well enjoy
every bit of it. At around 3:00pm we were called for an Island-hopping tour at the
Balagbag Island. Calaguas Island is already beautiful, but Balagbag Island is
Trekking to the hilltop of the Island is just few minutes, reaching its peak and
seeing the view is quite calming and relaxing, it was very peaceful to see. It’s like a
scenery from a different country, a picture perfect location as I would say. Far from
the busy world, I am getting a sense that this vacation is really worth it.
The water somehow gives people a sense of tranquility and calmness. It is
maybe the reason why I enjoyed the included snorkeling activity. The corals, the life
under the sea is another world to view and experience. You can freely swim and go
even closer to them. Imagine, you are doing all this in of the best white beaches in
the Philippines.
It is almost dark when we returned to our campsite. We had our dinner, me
and my friends are enjoying so far. Additional to the package is an optional unlimited
cocktail drinks for only Php 250.00 If you are an outgoing person like me who likes to
meet new people this is the perfect time to do so. Earlier today I was already able to
meet a few.
Waking up early the next day, it is our 2 nd and final day in Calaguas Island.
We get to see the beautiful sunrise, a scenery you won’t always see beautifully in
Manila. We had our breakfast early as well. We wanted to experience Calaguas for
few hours more before heading home.
We packed our things and almost ready to go, I looked once more at the
Calaguas Island, how beautiful and peaceful it is here. how simple and serene the
surrounding is. From the fine white sand between my toes, to the smell of the ocean
breeze, to the clear waters approaching the shore, to the amount of warmth sunrays I
feel on my skin, to the clouds passing by the sky. It is indeed one of the best places I
have visited. It is one of the best white beaches in Luzon and indeed one of the finest
beaches in the entire Philippines.
Having less or no internet connection at all in this white sand beach paradise
makes me forget all the stress I left in Manila and also me and my friends get to
catch up with each other, we were able to spend more bonding time with each other.
This trip also helped me reconnect with them as we are always being eaten up by the
corporate world.

My goal was achieved! Thanks to Calaguas Island for that wonderful and very
relaxing experience, I will definitely go back to this paradise once I get to have a
chance again.

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