Exploring More of Ilocos

Are you looking for a new place to getaway to? Ilocos Norte is just right for you!
Hailed as one of the go-to tourist destinations in the Philippines, Ilocos Norte is perfect for those who want to explore a land rich in culture and history.Come with me as I discover the beauty of the north!
Lapaz Sand Dunes
If adventure is in your blood, this might be the best place to go!
Lapaz Sand Dunes is a unique geological dessert environment found only in Ilocos Norte. With heights ranging from 10-30 meters, they were the result of the blowing wind, and the nearby river leading to the sea.
My friends and I had so much fun sightseeing in a place surrounded by meadows and fields while riding a 4×4. It just felt like we were part of nature for once. You can see it in the smiles on our faces!
I never really thought I would enjoy sand boarding, but it was a wholesome experience, and you can trust me with this one!
Would you believe me if I say that Tom Cruise even made his appearance here just to shoot few of his Hollywood films? Well you should because it’s true!
The Sinking Bell Tower
I’m not a fan of spooky destinations, but the Sinking Bell Tower in Laoag City is a must-visit tourist spot as it is one of the tallest bell towers in the country that also guards the city.
Standing 45 meters tall, this tower as the same suggests, is astoundingly hefty built on sand. It sinks at a rate of an inch every year.
Although surely eerie based on my experience, this tower looks really majestic when it’s lit up at night.
Malacañang of the North
Here goes a little history run!
Malacañang of the North is a two-story building in Ilocos Norte where the late President Ferdinand Marcos resided. This house has complete residential amenities including a spacious ball room, and an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Looking over the terrace, you can see the famous Paoay Lake.It operates as the Marcos Memorabilia Musem, and is open to the public with a minimal entrance fee of PhP20.00.
Marcos Museum and Mausoleum
Another Marcos destination is the Marcos Museum and Mausoleum in Batac City. The museum houses some memorabilia of the late President Marcos, which is perfect for those who want to learn about his life. The mausoleum on the other side houses his body.
As a Filipino, it was great to know a little something about history all while doing what I love – which is traveling!
Bangui Windmill
Known to be the first of its kind in Southeast Asia, the Bangui Windmill is located right here in Ilocos Norte. With 20 tri-blades and a height of 70 meters, the windmills are spread in an arc formation along the Bangui Bay.
The skies around here are amazingly clear, and the greens complement the sand as well. It was naturally windy (well of course!), yet it was the best place to take your photos to level up your Instagram game!
Paoay Church
A national treasure of Ilocandia and a designated UNESCO world heritage site, Paoay Church was built using coral bricks which can be seen from its massive walls. A little over-the-top, it reflects the Spanish era with its superb details.The weather was unbelievably perfect when we visited, and that’s how we maximized our time roaming around!
Patapat Bridge
With its 1.2 kilometers length, the Patapat Bridge is considered as the fourth longest bridge in the Philippines.We stopped over to enjoy the remarkable sea view, and the majestic mountains on the side, which makes this place even more extraordinary.
There is something about nature being this simple that impresses me even more!
Bacarra Domeless Tower
A 50-meter tower built in 1830 but was damaged by strong earthquakes, its domes went down and that’s how they called it with the romanticized title, the “Dignified Domeless Belltower in Asia”. Another historic site in the city, this place gave me the shivers… but in a good way! Maybe it was the fact that everywhere you look, it’s mind-boggling!
Kapurpurawan Rock Formation
One of my favorite places in the norte, its name was derived from the word “puraw” which means “white” in Ilocano. It wasn’t too easy to get there, but this place was rewarding!
The natural beauty of erosion created by decades of ocean waves crashing into the rocks, this was one of those destinations that give me a certain kind of feeling I can’t put into words!
If you have heard of Ilocos Norte, then surely this place was mentioned countless of times! A place where you can shop for souvenirs and pasalubongs all while exploring the beauty of this historical city. You have the option to walk around and go sightseeing or ride the kalesa if you’re tired from your travels.
Roaming around, it felt like I was a part of a movie.
With its beautiful culture proudly represented everywhere you look, Vigan was a place to remember!
Ilocos Norte was stunning! It was beyond my imagination.
Before I went, I didn’t really have any expectation. But when I got there, the place made it so hard for me to leave.
You can go check it out yourself and you will see that I was right all along!

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