Best Tourist Spots in Bula: Fun activities to do

Some of my favorite memories growing up in my hometown—Municipality of Bula in Camarines Sur, Bicol, have to do with nature and adventures. it would be exciting to share and promote that beautiful and must-visit tourism of my roots. Take a sip from your favorite cups, visualize my content, and prepare yourselves for a more fun adventure!
Working in Manila always makes me crave a province-feel vibe that only my hometown could fill the void of. There is a feeling of excitement every time I come home, ready to see what’s new and what’s waiting, and all set to travel what I missed while working far. Sometimes, people do not appreciate their own places. That is why before traveling outside your municipalities, try visiting and exploring the beauty of your hometowns first. And as a first-class municipality, Bula has a lot to offer. Starting from its trademarks, beaches, parks, food hubs, and even up to its people, everything is just so ravishing. Let’s spice up our Oragon hearts and get to know more about Bula!
1. Tan-Awan Community Eco Park and Tan-Awan Viewing Deck

Bulaeños are known for being faithful and religious. When people say Bula, the first tourist spot that outsiders associate with the municipality is the Tan-awan Community Eco Park located at Barangay Bagoladio. Settled high and tall, the eco-park offers a scenic view of the wonders of the hometown. Your eyes will be filled with green colors as you watch the trees around you. It passed constructive developments before it became more ravishing. There are large statues of Jesus and Mary standing tall while you appreciate the beauty of God’s creation. You will also see the panoramic view of Mt. Isarog and the towns of Bula and Baao. While exploring the different sites in Eco Park, your faith will grow more and your love for Bula will bloom.

2. Danielluke’s Farm

Located at Barangay Balaogan, Bula, Camarines Sur, Danielluke’s Farm captures the attention of travelers because of its refreshing vibes and unique offers. At a very affordable price, you can experience a province-feels life during your stay there. You can enjoy fishing, kayak and paddle boarding, and swimming. These activities that you can do with water could rinse off your stress and problems even for a day. You can also try feeding the animals there, with additional learnings on what to give and how to feed them. Your kids may love interacting with animals! The farm also offers chiropractic massage that adds relaxation and meditation to the people who visit the place. You can also try camping with your friends, loved ones, families, and even your workmates. This tourist spot in Bula, although newly discovered, is worth being known more.

 3. Gracing Art Gallery

Inside Danielluke’s Farm, there is an art gallery that displays the creation made by the owner herself. Most paintings used a variety of oil and acrylic on different media from recycled wood to canvass. You can choose from modern, animal art, figurative, and native forms of art. There are also vases and different items that depict how creative and artistic the people of Bula are. The owner of the farm and the art gallery is selling her products and artworks to the public.

4. Alisago Residence’s M&M Private Pool

If you are looking for a vacation place near you where you can celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and family gatherings, this resort is right for you! You can rent the whole place and enjoy summer-feels vibes while soaking yourselves in the water. They also offer ATV rides which could boost your adventurous side. At an affordable price, you can try riding an ATV along with its selected areas. It is open to all, with or without reservations in the pool. A lot of people, especially families, friends, and colleagues, visit the place to experience its beauty and ambiance. The private resort is located at Sugod, Guilid-Guilid, Palsong, Bula, Camarines Sur.

5. Papa Rudy’s Resort

Looking for an affordable resort where you can connect yourself with nature? Papa Rudy’s Resort is made for you! Visit the place at Sagrada, Bula, and enjoy their refreshing pool surrounded by eye-catching flowers and trees that give off a more relaxing vibe. It can also serve as a performance and event venue where singers and jammers can surely relish. Companies, families, and organizations can have their team-building activities in the resort and experience unforgettable moments.

6. Alina Hill Spring Resort

One of the oldest and known resorts in Bula is the Alina Hill Spring Resort which offers cold relaxing water. You can enjoy an outing with your friends and family members while appreciating the beauty of this resort. There is also a kiddie pool where your kids can enjoy swimming without you being worried about the deep waters. In the wide pool area, you and your friends can have team-building activities where you can wash away negative thoughts.

7. Nalalata Falls

An Agri-Ecotourism Resort which is known for its magnificence and vibes, Nalalata Falls never fails to impress tourists. Before reaching the falls, you need to ride a tricycle or jeep going to Barangay Balaogan. You can ask the driver to stop you over at Luyong Sapa and from there, you can ride a motorcycle or habal-habal going directly to the falls. The first thing that you would notice is its mesmerizing view. Experience eating local foods and cuisines available in Rinconada through enjoying a native “kamayan” style of dining. Feel a bahay-kubo vibe as you also enjoy their cottages. Also, don’t forget to swim in the water and feel the shower-like vibes of the falls.


8. Tarotambayan

A resort surrounded by a farm in Panoypoyan, Bula, is a recently-hot topic on social media platforms.

9. Itangon Beach

Aside from pool resorts and falls, Bula treasures beaches that are worth discovering. Considered one of the best-kept secret beaches in Camarines Sur, Itangon Beach deserves to be known and visited by tourists and travelers. The eye-catching beach resorts located at Barangay Itangon, Bula gives a refreshing vibe spiced by its beauty. Some resorts in Itangon do not have an entrance fee and others might have, but the sure thing is, that everything is affordable and budget-friendly! You can step on sands and pebbles. And as a trademark, you can watch the sunset and take Instagram-worthy pictures. Itangon Beach has a lot more to offer. Make sure to add it to your bucket list because for sure, it’s a decision you will never regret.

10. Caorasan Beach

One of the hidden treasures of Bula is Located at Barangay Caorasan which is known for its white pebbles. There are no cottages and resorts there yet, but the picturesque view of the beach is worth your time and efforts. You can have a feel of its clean water and environment. You can have your picnic here with your friends and loved ones. Aside from soaking yourself in the water, you can take pictures while featuring the hidden treasure of Bula. Discover the inner model in you, too!

11. Tulay ng Pag-Ibig

If you are looking for places where you can go for jogging and cycling activities, Tulay ng Pag-Ibig is a great landmark for you. Before reaching the bridge, you will pass along the different agricultural landscapes of Palsong, where you will have a taste of what farming looks like. You will be exposed to their living and the nature of their noble job. Once you reach the place, you will be able to feel the relaxing air and take photos that could fit best your Instagram and Facebook stories. It is also a great place where you can shoot your Tiktok videos and dance covers. There is a wide area of grass there where you and your friends can do picnics. The bridge has been widely known for recreation. As it is titled “Tulay ng Pag-Ibig (Bridge of Love),” you can visit the place and who knows? The bridge might be the instrument that connects two people waiting to love and to be loved.

12. Saint Mary Magdalene Parish

Considered one of the oldest churches in Bicol, the Parish of Saint Mary Magdalene in Bula was founded in 1578. Holding its historical stories of faith and devotion throughout the years, the church stands still and firm as it continues to be the home of people who have the same faith, beliefs, and devotions. The church is active in serving its people and parishioners. Throughout its existence, from its foundation up to the present, the church shows native to modern external and internal constructions. The design captures the heart of people, and the overflowing faith captures the heart of people.

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Best Tourist Spots in Bula: Fun activities to do